Facilities / Service buildings

The campsite has 3 service buildings / sanitary facilities of different sizes and services in each of them.

Service building A:

- has been named Hauganstua and is located right at the entrance to the campsite. Here's the reception area and convenience store, in addition to sanitary facilities. Everything keeps modern standards, and there are toilets, showers, family shower and washing machine.

Service building B:

- is located in the middle of the campsite, and the building houses the oldest sanitary facilities. There are toilets, showers, handicap toilet/shower, washing room, washing machine and room for emptying portable toilet tanks.

Service building C:

- Is the campsite's newest service building (built in 2012), and is located furthest from the entrance of the campsite. There are toilets, showers, washing room, and room for emptying portable toilet tanks.